How Does Scotchgard Work?

You hear about Scotchgard, and many cleaning professionals highly recommend it. Scotchgard is truly magical, you can protect your carpets and upholstery with an invisible shield. This ‘invisible shield’, can block out stains, resist soiling, and keeps your carpet/upholstery looking new. If any accidents occur, with Scotchgard you can use a towel and some water to clean up any spills. Nothing will soak into the fabric and stain. Avoid the tacky gloss look and sticky residue that can come from treating your carpet/upholstery. So, why should you use Scotchgard in your home? Simply Clean is here to help teach you all the reasons why Scotchgard is best and safe for all households.

Scotchgard was developed in 1952 by 3M and has since been used in cleaning and protectant products. While used in many other products, it is most popularly used as stain repellent for carpet and upholstered furniture. Scotchgard provides an invisible shield on all fibers to protect the fabric from any stains, or oils.

The magical formula that is Scotchgard, will protect your fabrics from accidents but, keep in mind it is not foolproof. With proper care, it can keep your carpet and furniture looking cleaner for much longer. However, keep in mind they will not look new forever due to the regular traffic in your home. Keep in mind, just because you Scotchgard your carpet or upholstery doesn’t mean it is protected from all stains. Still be careful, and mindful of what accidents occur. If a beverage spills, or some accident occurs, do not let it sink in and leave it be. If the stain begins to set in, the damage has already been done. Scotchgard gives you the extra time to treat the stain, but not to leave it alone.

Everyone can use some Scotchgard in their life. In some way or another, we have things we want to protect or eliminate the possibility of further damage. Scotchgard can also be used on canvas shoes, bathroom floors, child car seats, beach chairs, tablecloths, and aprons. Protect what is yours with the proven technology of Scotchgard.

Protect your home from all accidents and further destruction with Scotchgard. Beat the mess before it can happen. Give us a call at Simply Clean, in Hollidaysburg, PA at (814) 937-9413 to get your appointment set and get yourself on the way to a cleaner life.